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Our story begins in 1915 after fires destroyed the farms of Peter Banta and Clark Smith.  Citizens banded together and began fighting fires using barrels of water hauled on a small truck.  A chemical fire wagon was soon purchased from the Childs Co. for $350 and stored in Eagan’s barn.

The Childs has a forty gallon tank of water that would be mixed with baking soda. A sealed container of sulfuric acid could be dumped into the tank to create the necessary pressure to push the water through a hose.  Additional water in milk cans and a ladder were carried

on a truck.  The department still owns the Childs.

The first firehouse was built in 1918, paid for with funds raised by subscriptions and a “Fireman’s Supper”. This building was moved to Lake Hill Road in 1924 and is currently

a private garage. The Department was incorporated in 1918, and a Fire District was formed in 1924.  The department’s first motorized apparatus was a Foamite-Childs Protection Engine purchased in 1926 for $6085.

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